Snorlax at Gyms

Hi everybody,recently I caught a 2176 PC & 91%iv’s (13/15/13) Snorlax,he is my best snorlax,the others that I have are less than 80% iv’s. I want to know if snorlax is still in the top 6 gyms defender. It’s worth it to level it up? With this I would like to know who are the top 6 gyms defenders in order from best to worst.

Thank You

I’d consider Snorlax to be a worthy investment. The problem I have with Blissey is that she can take many hits, but delivers less damage than a HORSEA. Snorlax has less HP, but a far greater attack, making him one of my go-to gym defenders. He can take hits, and give some hits of his own


I think the same as you,but could you say me which are the best attacks for him to defend gyms? I don´t know which is better

His best defensive moveset is zen headbutt/Hyper beam. His original best moveset was zen headbutt/body slam, but Snorlax can no longer learn body slam.

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also consider your own level (and thus max cp of snorlax) and how much (rare) candy and dust you need to power him up. for example, if you need 200 candy and 200k dust but have neither is it still worth it? If you end up with a 2500 cp snorlax, i’d wait.

personal opinion: for defenders always choose the charge attack with the most bars. Stricktly dps wise they are lower, but i’d rather fight a hyper beam snorlax of blissey then any other charge move, easier to dodge.

Great point, Blissey with dazzling gleam is harder to dodge than Snorlax with Hyper beam. That’s why a body slam Snorlax used to do so well, it was high in damage and near impossible to dodge (imagine Crunch, but a normal type version). Just wish you could teach it to a Snorlax, but sadly it was removed January 2017

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Would Snorlax be considered similar to blissey?

Sorry I mean slaking

Slaking would be somewhere in between Snorlax and Blissey, probably better than both of them if he had a good quick move

Slaking can take down most pokemon when you are attacking a gym, but a smart player could doge all of his charge moves while he is defending and take him out. I think Slaking should get pound as his quick move, but at the expense of having a 4000 max cp instead.


My snorlax is level 23,I’d wait too,but wait for what? In my area there aren’t snorlaxs,and niantic removed it from raids (in my opinion it was an error) and then in 10km eggs it’s very rarely to get one so It will be hard to get a better one

So what’s the best movement for Snorlax,using it to defend?

Zen Headbutt, Hyperbeam has the far highest DPS.

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Also,can anyone send me a list of the 6 best defenders? in order from the best to the worst
thank you

But is this list updated because I don’t see Umbreons,steelixs in gyms Hahahaha

Unless you live in an area where taking down gyms happens VERY often, I suggest you dont invest anything into defenders
At all

Yes,I live in that kind of areas where almost play arround 80 people and there are only 5 gyms

If you look, we are doing solo-raids against mon’s with 12.000 to 18.000 CP and we win…

So, really, if a defender has 2400 or 2900 CP doesn’t have a great effect for an atacker.