Sneaking into Gyms

Kinda upset. Kinda can’t fathom how they do it.

You fought alone. You took out all the mons! Your scrolling for your fav defender.

All of a sudden some OTHER team drops a Pokémon. You think to yourself how did they!? You take a breath an go to fight that Sneak, next thing you know another Mon, and another every time you go in another Pokemon is dropped.

Is this fair? is Gym sneaking a strategy or is it lag and Team Rocket-ish.



What! How strange. I thought it was a time-period after you’ve taken down the gym, where nobody else but you could place their Pokémon.

Maybe they’re bots

Either they were with you for the last lobby or you took more than 30 seconds to select, otherwise you should be the only person allowed to put anything in the gym

i solo’d they stole. I raged. i battled. They dropped more while battling. I gave up. damn u yellow team!

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Poor Instinct

Thought I noticed the exclusive timer after capturing a gym was gone, but I wasn’t certain. And I’m too lazy to test it. But this somewhat confirms it, though proper testing by some other people might be warranted, since it can also be a situational bug.

That more and more Pokemon get dropped in is also odd. Might be some people playing nearby, but could also be a bunch of spoofers.

The time you get now to drop one in with it being stolen from you has been shortened quite a bit from where it used to be. What that exact number is I’m not sure but do know it’s somewhere between 30sec and a minute.
Extras can only be dropped into Gyms that are being battled if there was spots available before a battle has commenced.

If a Gym had a full 6 ijn it and you start to battle it and and knock any out, no more can be added to that Gym by the opposing colour.
If the Gym only had 4 in it, 2 more can be added at any stage through the battles while your knocking them out.

In your case after the first one was added up to 5 others could be added at any stage while they still had at least one still in the Gym. They would not have been able to just keep adding others in excess of the total combined of 6 so you should have just kept going and knocking them out.

Advice to all, is know what your going to put in a Gym before you decide to knock one down so it can be done quickly.

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Frustrating, so i gave up. Plus no other valors to help. Damn you yellow!


There is, the people who beat the gym have priority. Unless you take a couple minutes deciding on your defender only way it happens is if they were attacking at the same time you were.

Haha, Valor sucks, Instinct is better :3

Oh hell no!

SPOOFERS. We’ve confirmed it. They join your battle against the last Mon standing, and land the fatal blow (usually without your noticing).