Smeargle in Pokémon Go

This is speculation of how smeargle would work in Pokémon go. It’s only move set would be sketch/struggle. Sketch would copy the opponent’s move set and keep it unless it is reset by a TM. In the main series games, sketch would copy the move an opposing Pokémon last used and would disappear once used. A smeargle battling a bite/crunch Pokémon would get this move set and if a smeargle has another charge move, it would get bite but it’s charge move remains the same. A smeargle in a gym with it’s initial move set would come back with the move set it got from a Pokémon that attacked it. Your Pokémon may come back with a move set that would be a great counter to a legendary raid or a terrible move set given by a caterpie. It would just be a dex filler but it is a very unique Pokémon. What do you think will happen with smeargle?

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I see Sketch being both fast and charge move, one simply copies the fast move and the other copies the charge move, so that you can have fully custom movesets
The change wont reset when he returns from the gym (unless he had Sketch in the first place, which would give him the moves of whatever attacked him first)

I wonder when Niantic will release Smeargle…

Honestly think it’s just taking time because it’s going to be quite a lot of work for one pokemon and maybe could be waiting for a battle system revamp.