Smack down will be TTars exclusive move on 6th CD?

  • Yes
  • No

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The smackdown move is pretty much a dead giveaway. The move is known to be in the game and suits Ttar perfectly. 1+1 is a very fast 2 in this case.

This is a typical no-sense poll… everybody thinks it will be, but nobody knows… so why you ask?

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because since like a week or so everybody likes to make polls i guess ?(due to obvious topic)


I doubt that, it doesnt make sense to limit TTar this much, especially since almost everybody has a couple of good ones from raids

Rurals dont

I’m pretty sure there are also lots of people who don’t agree with that.

I said almost everybody
And said rurals probably wont get too much Larvitars from CD anyways, especially if it will be as uncommon as Charmander

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That’s exactly the problem… if they don’t help in form of frecuency in spawns in rural areas, they will stay at the same point than before the CD.

They help a little bit. I was in fact in a rural area for a previous increase spawn event, and the town increased from 3 spawns to 9 during the event.

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Been confirmed. Also i heard from trainer tips it could be possible to dual a Ho-Oh with smack down / stone edge Tyranitar.

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I think it might be rock slide.

Yes I’m one nice new pic go instinct


Due to my forum LOL

It has already been confirmed in seceral Chinese and Japaneese in-game notifications…in case yall havent heard that


Double Rock Ttar will decimate and make all that work and dust I poured into Golems seem like a waste even though it wasn’t as theey served a good purpose at the time.
Looks like I need to Raid and Pinap as many Ttar as I can to get that Candy as high as possible so I can evolve some of that list I posted in the Community day thread. 900 Candy required for 6 with Smackdown.

Don’t forget to assign Larvitar or better as your buddy & berry as many in gyms as possible…
May also be worth putting some of the Larvitar family in gyms also.

Yes it‚Äôs ‚Äėconfirmed‚Äô now.