Slakoth Community Day Announced for June!


New gym defenders for me!


Im very happy its this one on a day i have to work. Not worth taking time off for.

This announcement took me by surprise today. Not because of Slakoth, but I just didn’t expect it that early…
But then I remembered that next Community Day is only two and a half weeks away :scream::scream:
We all knew it had to be one of Slakoth, Ralts or Trapinch - at least these are the ones we all expect for future CDays, I guess.
Most people from my raid group are rather disappointed, because for them Slakoth/Slaking is useless with its current moves. And reduced egg hatching distance is not the most desired CDay bonus either.
But maybe they surprise us with an overlapping event that brings us additional stardust or XP.

I’ll make up my own opinion once we know the exclusive move, but I will be playing and I will hunt my shinies anyways.

Can’t say that this excites me.

Accurate reaction to slakoth community day.

So… Ralts for August weekend?

Well, if it gets a Fast-type move (anything would be better than Yawn literally) perhaps this will be good. Oh well. It’s at least a good Shiny.

People are naturally assuming a second fast move would be something that deals some nominal damage, like Scratch. What if they invent a new ‘fast’ move that’s just as useless in battle as Yawn? Like maybe Belch? :thinking:

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Slakoth used Fart!!

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Im calling Body Slam

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A charge move for ‘fast’ move? That would be fun to see…

Or are you saying that the ‘special move’ they’ll give it for evolving during the event and hour after will be body slam? Now that sounds unexciting, which makes it seem like a realistic expectation, given how ho-hum their special move selections have been lately.

Special move will be Body Slam, thats what I expect

That is a pretty safe bet.

Thats what i heard it will be.

He needs a fast move

He doesnt, he was meant to be a beast contained by his ability

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That is why he is first for me to put in gyms, so he doesn’t get selected when I’m doing gym battles

Is that still a thing in auto selection?
Slakoth and Blissey haven’t come up in auto selection for a long time now for me. Cant vouch for others with maybe not as strong Gym Battlers as I’ve built up over time.

Body Slam confirmed