Sky Attack: My opinion about it

This is my first own Article😁
Lets start!!
Sky Attack Is a Charge move,with 2 bars.The Power of Sky Attack Is 90.It is very useful against Machamp Raids.It would be a nice counter against Machamp.It is definetly a nice move.The move Sky Attack Is a nice move for Lugia in Machamp Raids.


Nice try!
But you didnt reach the minimum word count and theres already a topic about it

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I like this article keep up the good work don’t listen to haters! :grin:


@Kevin260709, is Sky Attack the best flying-type charge move in game now?

Its nice but almost all is copied

Really,Im not someone wil doesnt even WANT to make a topic and i didnt copy…!

I found same info on GO hub homepage

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