Skipped a step - straight from a catch to a hatch?

I’ve never seen this before and don’t expect to be able to reproduce it.

This morning I took a walk through the local park, spinning stops and catching pokemon. I came across a 549 Ivysaur and caught it on the third straight “great” throw. When the game showed the info screen for the new pokemon, though, it showed a 472 Spheal, as if catching the Ivysaur had changed it into the Spheal. My trainer’s journal shows an Ivysaur catch immediately followed by a Spheal hatch with the same timestamp, and I didn’t see the familiar egg-hatching animation in between – it was like a catch seamlessly became a hatch

I recall nothing else unusual about the morning walk, and I wonder whether anybody else has run into anything like it…

The hatching is kind of strange indeed. Sometimes you dont see the egg hatching animation, and one time way back i remember looking throug my Pokémon and noticing a porygon there, even though i had never seen one in the game before that. But when i left the menu, then i got the usual animation. So in conclusion, sphagethi code from niantic.

I see a similar thing with Go Plus catch a lot.
I’m sorting through the bag and the Go Plus starts buzzing so I click on it and something appears in the collection then the Go Plus starts going through it’s sequence of buzzes that let you know if it’s caught it or not.

The hatch/catch happens then the animation happens after.

You’re able to hatch a mon but the animation will only show once you’re back in the map. I’ve had instances where I’d hatched an egg a couple of minutes after starting an evolution spree but the animation didn’t appear until I’d finished evolving, almost 30mins later. You can also bypass the egg hatch animations by zooming the map before the animation starts (as in between hatches zoom in or out before the animation has a chance to start up).

One time I saw a Nidoran at the top of my list, and I thought Hmmm I don’t remember catching this thing. I checked its IVs and it wasn’t good enough for my taste so I transferred it. After I closed the pokemon list I got the egg hatching animation…AND CRASH. The game apparently crashed because I transferred the Nidoran before it could hatch LOL. I wonder if they’ve fixed that.