Size of pokemon visible on map?

So here’s something I noticed in the past week. Sometimes common Pokemon such as Weedle or Natu show up in different sizes right next to each other. Either really small, or really big. When I catch those, the small ones are XS in size and the larger ones normal or XL. I’ve so far seen this with Weedle, Swablu, Eevee and Xatu, though not with every single one I encounter. It started around the time the Valentines event started.

Has this been going on for longer and have I just not been paying attention, or is this something new? Here’s a link to 2 screenshots.

They just updated there size
You maybe played while they were updating

I think it may be that lure Pokemon are smaller?

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Natus are unrealistic and why oh why are ledybas bigger than ledian

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true very true

I don’t know what the size is for