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Sinnoh Stones Rant

So recently I discussed my thoughts on the long awaited trainer battle feature, and many of you provided me with some tips as to how to fix the issue that I was previously experiencing regarding that, and to that I am grateful. So now as a result I no longer have to be aggravated over such a minuscule factor clouding my judgment and can now justify my thoughts on this feature. So in summary I believe this feature is actually very solid, aside from that minuscule glitch I and supposedly many others experienced the positives of this feature outway the negatives. For the most part. There remains one glaring issue that I have with this installment, that being reward distribution. I have participated in many battles over the course of this week and during said week no exaggeration I have been denied atleast 10 Sinnoh Stones. So for me Stardust is a necessity since I spend stardust daily and am often left with a minuscule supply, but throughout the past week I’ve been receiving nothing but 500 stardust after every battle I’ve participated in. And seeing as Sinnoh Stones are no longer guaranteed via research breakthroughs aswell as the fact that the only gen 4 evolutions among the roster I have obtained are Rhyperior, Roserade and Honchkrow, it can be aggravating due to how frequently I have been denied this already excessively scarce item. But what is your luck regarding Sinnoh Stones you have obtained via this feature? I’d love to hear your reception.


1). Why go you spend stardust daily? Save it and spend it wisely, I belive you’ll find yourself hsppirr if you don’t spend it daily.

2). What is the rush to fill the dex? Even if I had 20 Sinnoh stones in inventory I wouldn’t rush the process. Which Pokémon are useful in raids, gyms and PvP? Which are upgrades to what you already have and what are just dex filler? If the evolution isn’t an upgrade any rush is artificially imposed upon yourself.

3). I’ve managed 3 stones and used one so far. I’m not sure exactly which evolution I’ll do next so I’m saving and waiting to see what raid boss is next which will help guide my decision.

For now I suggest you just play and have fun. Do this and whether it takes a day or a month for your next stone you won’t be miserable. :blush:


I’m on the OP’s side, sinnoh stones are too rare given the number of unique pokemon that need them to evolve. It isn’t like previous evolution items where only 1-3 different species needs a specific one.

In terms of rewards in general, they are really lackluster, most battles result in no rewards at all.


To answer your questions:

  1. I don’t really know myself, I just do

  2. It isn’t really a rush it’s just the fact that my main incentive is to catch em all. I rarely ever miss out on legendaries despite living in a town that doesn’t have many that’s participate in raids etc, so it is a bit frustrating when I’ve been denied so many. It can be justified as similar to the EX Raid pass incident, now this didn’t bother me personally but so many people were complaining about the EX raid structure and how they were participating in a plethora of raids but not receiving an EX raid pass, to the extent in which others such as Reversal took a break from Pokemon Go because of this, so Niantic frequently altered the structure of EX raids. So I suppose in that regard it can be displayed as a bit petty but due to how scarce this item is I think is all reliant on random chance.

I appreciate your advice though and will definitely take it into account


I guess I don’t see them as so rare. Sure, you haven’t landed many yet, but you get four chances EVERY DAY. The law of averages dictate that you’ll eventually have more than you’ll ever need.

I personally think the drop rate is fine. There isn’t a time constraint here. You don’t have X amount of weeks to get enough stones. You potentially have until the game ends. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can see how it’s frustrating, however I don’t have a problem with the current drop rate. Some days I get 0 stones from battling and one day I got 3. I know I’ll get enough stones by the end of the year, so I’m not worried.

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Be grateful you got Sinoh stones. I’ve yet to get even 1 stone… :disappointed:


I only had gotten five so far, only one from PvP, but I’m not feeling pressured. What I appreciate is that in PvP, you don’t have to win to get it, so it takes all the pressure off of winning. Just keep trying and have patience. Prioritize Pokemon you plan on using as well.


Three weeks no sinnoh stone, my only sinnoh stone evolution is a shiny Honchkrow, horrible moveset… I just need Zapdos to complete the legendary birds got my second raikou this month wtf.


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I have received 4 stones, only used one for 100% Electabuzz. Before we know it, we will have stockpiles like the sun stone.

I’ve gotten 3 stones since they were a thing. It’s frustrating not getting them often, but it makes it so much better when you finally do because they are so rare. Kind of like Shinies.

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Just got my 5 sinnoh, 4 from the research breakthrough. 2 used (Electivire and Mismagius).

@Thorend Rhyperior is the number 2 counter to Heatran, I think @TeddyGarmon wants these.
Otherwise I agree about rushing to fill the dex. We got tons of years to do that if we continue to play.

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Even with Rhyperior being a very good counter, there are numerous other good counters (gyrados, kyogre, Groudon, Machamp) so its doubtful that it will be a huge upgrade.

I do understand the desire to finish the dex. The benefit of this type of rollout is that it allows you to have something to look forward to for a while rather than have everything in just a few days.


I already happen to have Rhyperior. As I stated I don’t intend to rush particularly, but for me it can be a bit aggravating by being denied atleast 10 in just 1 week.

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And 2 of those are legendaries and the other two are pretty hard to get for a lot of people.
But otherwise yes, because @TeddyGarmon did say he gets the legendaries most of the time.

So should I do a 2nd Rypherior before Hontchkrow just to help catch Heatran?

Depends on how many players you have around. I’ve done one today, and when I was in the spot, there have been 20 players waiting that the egg opens…

Yes, build the best team you can. No hurry to get the useless Crow and while it might takes days-weeks to get another stone. You will get another eventually.