Should Raid Time be increased?

Should they increase the time Raiding is finished?

Would you want to raid in the night?

Safety is always on the mind, but surely some areas are just as safe at night as day. Example an amusement park? or a stadium. More lively places to have longer raid hours.

Drop what your thoughts

  • Raid all day and night
  • No keep the way it is
  • Raid till 11Pm
  • Raid 24/7
  • Raid 24/7 in Lively areas
  • Raid 24/7 in amusement parks
  • Raid 24/7 near more policed areas
  • Raid increased 1 hour
  • Raid increased 2 hours
  • Raid increased 5 hours
  • Raid starts earlier
  • More raids in general

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Raid 24/7 is dangerous cus of criminality in night

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I sense some mixed messages here @Mapman42 :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldnt mind if they extended raids by an hour, but if they dont its ok. Its not just criminal activity you have to worry about. You also have to consider noise. People raiding at 23:00 in the evening might disturb some people who have to get up early.

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Remember, this could be selected areas.

Party districts.
Amusement parks.

Amusement parks are closed at night tho

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Crimes can happen anytime no danger

More at night time

It would make sense for crime to be of increased prevalance at night, because people find it easier to hide

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