Should Niantic remove the Raid Eggs again?

When the Legendary Articuno came out, Niantic removed raid eggs. A while after when Ho-Oh was released (I think) they added the eggs again, before eggs was added again the Raid Timer was 2 hours (Before Battle). They added the eggs and the egg was there 1 hour and the boss 1 hour, then Niantic made the Eggs 1hour(still) and the Raid 45Minutes. But who wants them to remove the eggs again to have 2hours on the boss?

This would be very good for Raid Groups too.

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No, but I want that Niantic switch the egg and the Raid time.

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Nope. I like the egg cause you get a warning when you are trying to take over a gym. Not to mention you get a heads-up of when a raid is going to start. Thats the earliest ANY group would be able to start. 1 hour to organize, and to get to the location. No hassle with people wanting to do it immediatly and not waiting for people who are 15 minutes away.

I would like to see the actual raid time extended to 1 hour.


I dont really understand your complain
You are playing with people, not monkeys, the group should be able to just wait and go raid a bit later if somebody is too far?
the same can happen with raid eggs (especially with non-legendary or when two legendaries are out at a time, so you dont know if its worth organizing the raid for it), you might want to raid as soon as it hatches, but somebody might just need more time to get there

This gives you a 2 hour window to fight, meaning that more people are able to do so

Please do not go back to the “no raid eggs, 2H raids”. Once I defeated a gym but I couldn’t place a Pokemon in it becouse a Lugia raid just started


Why not keep the egg and extend raid time by 45 minutes as well, making the total raid time an hour and a half.
I totally get what Rob is saying: instant raid opening will for some people generate an instant need to do that raid, which in turn causes them to pressure other players to hurry up, adding stress and drama and whatnot.

No, not everybody can sit back and wait for others to show up when their sense of instant necessity gets triggered.

The one hour wait time for the egg to hatch is actually perfect: it gives plenty of time for players to discuss the ideal time to do the raid and also gives ample time for people to reach the gym, without any need to hurry up or make quick decisions.


Happened to me too

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With a total time of 2.5 hours I believe there would be about 1 less raid per gym each day. Would you really want a magikarp sitting on a gym for an hour and a half?

Just what I said, 1H raid is perfect.

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Good point, though gyms flip relatively slow here, so for me it wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway. I’m personally actually okay with the current system, though if more raid time is required, I’d prefer it to simply get increased instead of having egg-time removed for it.

Overall, I’m already happy that the evening raid times are back today. Being able to raid after dinner between 7 and 9 pm again makes raiding much more convenient. Today we easily gathered 10 people for two raids after 7pm. By comparison, the past months we had a hard time gathering half as many people to raid on any given weekday before 7pm, with no raids appearing after that time.

Raids got extended to 9:30pm

Make different tiers have different times
1 and 2 get 30
3 and 4 get an hour
and legendaries get hour and a half


Good idea necrozmadabest.
In my opinion the egg time and raid times should be swapped only. I wouldn’t want eggs to be gone, since from a player, who isn’t in any raid groups, it is hard to schedule raids. Because if the raid has started, there isn’t usually players anymore raiding after under 40. (As of my experience)

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I like the egg because it gives us time to get raid groups organized. If multiple Legendaries were out, and they extended the time, then you wouldn’t need the egg.

I agree that the actual raid time should be extended to 1 hour, but I’m also anti-Raid Eggs. Here’s why:

  1. The Eggs may make it so that we have time to establish parties and all, but it’s impossible to formulate the right party and to know which Pokémon are hatching from said Eggs.
  2. The Eggs haven’t really had a palette change yet. I think that they should at least change the color palette every once in awhile.
  3. When I’m trying to feed Berries to my Pokémon or even add a Pokémon to a Gym, the Egg tends to hatch before I can get it done. Scout’s Honor. I know because I have tried to do it and it even happens whenever I’m trying to take over Gyms.
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  1. The eggs do give an indication of the tier of the raid.
    Red egg (T1/T2): soloable.
    Yellow egg (T3/T4): may be soloable (T3), but at least you’ll know the time the boss becomes available, and depending on what hatches decide whether to go or not immediately when it becomes available.
    Purple Eggs: This can only be the current legendary, so people should know already what pokemon to use, and you have a full hour to figure out whether you can gather enough people or not (another hint: it’s easier for people to make time “in an hour” than instantly)
  2. Why would the eggs need a palette change? The current pallet is grained into the minds of the players, making it easy for them to spot interesting upcoming raids in their vicinity.
  3. There’s a timer on the egg, giving the exact time the raid will start, making the gym instantly unavailable for feeding/capturing when that timer runs out. Trying to squeeze such actions into the last 10 seconds before the egg hatches is unadvisable. The egg doesn’t wait till you’re done. Without the egg, you wouldn’t even have an indicator like that. One second you’d be smacking your screen fighting Blissey, next second you’d hit the button to enter the raid AND accept the use of your daily free raidpass. That is a risk you’d run if the eggs were removed again.

Pretty much everything what @BowmoreZuiperd said.
1: You can make a party as soon as the egg hatches. That shouldnt take you 45+ minutes.
2: Why? There is not 1 practical reason for it to change.
3: Work on your timing i guess. You dont need to wait untill the last 5 seconds. Start feeding berries with a few minutes left, also why wait till the last second to put in a pokemon? Theres no need to make it so hard for yourself.

During the time the eggs were not in the game i had multiple times a day where i was battling a gym and i couldnt finish my run, or couldnt put a pokemon in when i defeated it because of a boss suddenly appearing. No eggs at all should never come back.

If you have multiple people that can play at different times or want to do double taids (two raids with one lucky egg), 45 minutes is often not enough

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No don’t I was battling an important gym and would have got my 50 canonise to get a box but guess what an artivuno started no one doing it

question is more if raid timers should be extended to 1 hour then if eggs should be removed.

eggs should stay IMO, points are already made about it. No eggs would just suck tbh.

45 minutes raid time per raid is honestly just a bit too short when chaining or having many up at the same time. 1 hour would be best. But seeing gyms have a small cooldown for new raids and never spawn eggs between the 45th minute and whole hour, new eggs would spawn less per gym over longer time. I prefer more eggs per day over longer time to raid them

that said, perhaps with the new daily raid timers that have been extended to later in the evening, they might change it to 1 hour again…

For me, i like it how it is now. No change needed