Should I power up?

I just got a 100% IV exeggutor from a raid yesterday? I have been waiting to get a good IV Tyranitar and saving stardust for that, or do you think it is worth powering up and maxing out the perfect Exeggutor?

Any input and reasons are welcome. Thank you.

I like exeggutor but I would wait for a good Ttar as it will be more useful in future raids.

Agree with ^, a big Tyranitars have way more uses for Battle.
Grind away and do the Egg as well :grinning:

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I got a 100 IV Machamp. Should I max it out?

It’s worth powering up for sure. It’s a solid attacker, destroyer of the mighty TTar, Snorlax and Blissey. In my honest opinion it is one of the better candidates to max out. I also have a 100% and did fully power it up for batting and have similar plans for my 98% after I power a few more.

I recommend maximizing it to level 30 and stopping there, since from there go up very few statistics and consume many stardust. In addition all pokemon reach their maximum level in level 30 (varies very little in level 40)

I used to think that way too, but the level difference between attacker and defender starts playing into effect and I have found that once you have a strong team assembled and powered to level 30 it’s worth the extra dust. An extra 10 levels makes a big difference in raids and gym stomping sessions


:+1: Thorend.
I’d say Powering up to L30 to start building your battle squads when your L30-35 is a good strategy. Once you reach L35 and above start taking the very best ones to the Max.

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It also depends on what other strong monsters u got
if u can get it in you top 7-10 i would do it
but i would alos save som stardust to when u get a 98-100% Ttar

RISSJB: i say the same about u Machamp

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machamp of course yes please… regice regirock registeel are all weak to fighting type…

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