Should I power up this defender?

I need some second opinions on if I should power up a new defender or not?

I had some TM’s to use up, so I ended up converting my 822CP Chansey (87%) IV to Zen Headbutt Dazzling Gleam. I’m currently level 38, and am running out of things to do in the game other than grind to level up. Is it worth powering up this Chansey for gym defense, to 1000 or so? Or is that a waste of time? Would it even win battles?

Currently, I have a completely maxed 93% Blissey with ZH and DG, and 2 Snorlax’s above 3000 with Zen Headbutt and Heavy Slam. The motivation decay is horrible, so maybe Chansey is a good option?

Never power up defenders unless you live in a VERY gym active location

The only time powering up a defender is of any value is to max out a 3000CP+ Blissey to act as a deterrent from instant attack after you’ve taken a Gym. It can gain you a few extra hours of defender timer time from solo attack before its decayed enough and easy to defeat like everything else.
Anything else is just a waste.

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i think chansey is a great defender, because you can only put 1 blissey, so, you can totally take it to lvl 30 i think, because the cost it’s not so high, it’s good because if the gym already has a blissey and a snorlax, you can use it and give berries so you have more chances to get candy

I would leave it at that level. It’s a tank at that level and it’s CP makes the motivation decay slow so you won’t need to berry it as often.

No. Under the new Gym system, there is no advantage to defending gyms. Any Pokemon you put in there can and will be beat.