Shortened Egg Timers

The past days, I noticed eggs spawn with shortened times again (similar to what’s described here: Raid Times and Egg Hatches )
Some eggs spawn with their usual 1 hour timer, others spawn with as little as about 13 minutes. Obviously, I don’t even bother calling out for a raid on such short notice. 30 minutes would be the absolute minimum for me to warn trainers in my area, and I’d much rather have the full 1 hour warning time, which gives more people time to arrange for a moment away from whatever they’re doing. I prefer raids to actually get cleared instead of waiting till the last moment hoping for that 1 more person required to find time and show up.

Or eveb better, give Raid Eggs 15 minutes so you finish your buisiness with the gym, and then 75 minutes raid time

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That totals 90 minutes, which would mean a reduction of 30 minutes from the time the egg spawns to the time the boss goes away. Would also make an increase of 15 minutes to the time that defenders are untouchable, though I guess that’s a good thing if those are your own defenders, but definitely bad if they are not.

Overall, I think the 1 hour egg-time / 1 hour boss time is pretty ideal. For the T1 and T2 raids it doesn’t really matter, those can be done solo. So the 45 minute eggs on those aren’t really a problem, and could even be shortened to 30 minutes I think (and idealy have that time added to raid-time again)

Current times:
60 minutes egg, 45 minutes raid so a total of 105.
So the idea Necrozma suggests is 15 minutes shorter. And an increase of 30 minutes immunity for defenders.

But egg timers havent been shortened. Probably it just didnt load correctly in your game. I noticed something similair myself, but most do start at ~59 minutes. The shorter ones are always when my phone has been on standby for a while.

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And I have the same.
(To me, the egg times are also shortened when I have my phone on standby.)

I was using on the game with all my friends walking around in a town and a legendary started on all our accounts with 41 mins u till Latina’s hatch

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