Shiny Pokemon appearance on Map


First post so appologies if this is in the wrong place…

I just caught a shiny Murkrow (first and only shiny wild catch/sighting to date). I was under the impression that you couldn’t tell that it was a shiny pokemon until you enter the battle screen (i.e. you have to ‘check’ every pokemon). The thing is, on the ‘map’, the Murkrow looked like any normal Murkrow but this one sparkled. Is this normal for shiny pokemon, or is it impossible to tell until bettle screen?!

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That is normal with a Shiny Pokémon

@Kevin260709, that is not Spam, that’s a person which has doubts, and asks for information…

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This is confusing, can or can’t you see on the map if it is a shiny or not???
If you can see it, what do you see?

@Cwrci I was under the same impression that you could see a shiny on the map.

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You can’t - You have to tap on the Pokémon to see if it is shiny.

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Im sorry.

Don’t worry, I only beg to think twice before tapping the flag… :grin:


So what @Cwrci probably saw was the animation related to weatherboost?

I think they have several casual animations, and when you catch a shiny and there was an animation with sparkles you remember it and you think it’s because of the shiny.

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Thanks for reinstating my original post. Indeed not spam! Only been playing for a few months and I was under the impression that you couldn’t tell that if a Pokemon is shiny until you select it. It appeared while I was in work. I was just about to go out for lunch when it spawned with stars surrounding it. I got quite excited by the prospect of it being a shiny but, before I had the chance to select it, it disappeared! I waited around for a while but it didn’t come back so I headed out for lunch for an hour or so. When I got back to the office, I thought I’d check again and there it was, on the map with stars/sparkles floating around it! Once selected, I saw that’s it was pink/purple with stars around it so definitely a shiny by this point.

I was only asking as it’s the first shiny wild encounter I’ve had and wanted to know if they’ve changed how shiny Pokemon appear before selected. It might have been a coincidence or something but it’s odd that the same Pokemon appeared twice with stars around it. There weren’t any other Pokemon nearby so not as if I was seeing a mix of both. I’m regretting not screen grabbing now!

Using think it was weather boost. Weather boost is a blue swirl around the Pokemon?

Would be nice to see them but that would make it way to easy for spoofers to collect shinies. Or anyone in fact. It gets rid of the mystery and surprise of finding a shiny.

Weather boosted have the blue swirl around the bottom .

I have 4 shiny’s but haven’t seen a shiny’s animation on the map. Only on the battle screen. But it could be something new. I haven’t seen any news about it buy I Will keep and eye out for it.