Shiny Dratini :D

Shiny dratini has been added to the code :smiley:

Hopefully they are common enough that we can all get one!

Good luck!

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If they’re as common as Shiny Pikachu it should be easy.

From what i’ve been able to gather apparently they’re slightly harder to find, but I reckon it’s still around a 1/45 chance

For me it starts at 11,so I have some time.


What is it’s IV?

Based on its CP and how much Stardust it costs to power it up i’d say 40-45%

I did ok in short space of 75mins I walked the park 5mins from home before a 100% within reach came up on the map a 20min drive away. By the time I drove in the opposite direction to home and got back for the kids birthday it was an hour later than I was supposed to be home. Wife wasn’t too frosty as I had a very good peace offering.

My Shiny’s from today

This was the Wife’s second Shiny I got and the peace offering for being late.

I feel like I failed to cash in today not being able to play the full event time. Ours went for 6rs in the end starting at 1:30pm and last Dratini caught around 7:30 as I got 4 more at the hotel we took all the kids to for dinner.


Well done to her on the 100% shiny, not a bad haul

I have got 4 Shiny Dratini out of 64 Dratini Total today, thus making a rare of 1 in 16 or 6.25%. One of them is 98%


I caught 3, and all of them are low CP

I caught 2 Shiny Dratini today. My son caught 10.

I got 11 shinies out of 270 encounters

I caught 3 today, so I think I did pretty good considering the odds! :sunglasses:

My shiny is just 18%

I got 6 Shiny Dratinis yesterday, I now have 4 Dratini, 1 Dragonair and A Dragonite!

0 for 81 :roll_eyes: talk about bad odds.

I was 5 for 89, but my second account was 8 for 9

1 for 90, my daughter got it thought her phone was broke.