Shiny Dratini? || Community Day #2 — February 24th

Information about second Community Day is here,

3hr Lures
Dratini Spawn Increased
3x Stardust on Catch!
Shiny Dratini coming?
Will Dratini have a special move?


based on the announcement dratini will have a special move

Shiny? I hope so. Seeing as dratini is dragon type and tier 1 from gen 1 just having them spawn like idiots for 3 hours is good enough and will make many people happy. So i do hope for shiny, but don’t expect it honestly.
On the other hand, community day is the perfect way to release more shiny mon’s (which is about time!)


Not to rare Please niantic but also not to much

Shiny pikachu were 1/10, I got 3. Do you want the same or a smaller ratio, like 1/8?

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Oh Srry I mean I want 1/20 or that

Ya, I agree. Shiny pikachu has no value anymore and dratini should be rarer.


I also have 2 and 1 shiny raichu

I have 2 and 1 raichu to. If everyone has shiny dragonite, they will have no value.


i got 3/80 shiny during the event. I also know several people who caught 80 and got none.

personally i hope the spawn rate of dratini is the same as pikachu, i still need 117 dragons for my medal. Shiny, as i said before, i hope they come, half ratio as shiny pikachu

If there is Shiny Dratini, don’t even catch them all. Just click on every one: if it’s not shiny move onto the next one.

I got 0 Shiny pikachu from 50…

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TFW you’ve gotten 5 shiny Pikachu and 1 Shiny Raichu

i got 2 shiny’s out of 32 pikachu

I want a neon green Dragonite.

I want a neon blue face and dragonite.