Shiny babies 2nd evolutions in Wild !?

I think this evolutions should be available in shiny in wild…
Magmar, Togetic, Wobuffet
Making this Pokemon Shiny’s unavailable in Wild Makes really Cheap Bussiness

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They can not appear as shiny in the wild.

Hmm hear comes the Dictator :smirk:… Everybody listen to him(there hasn’t any discussions yet and said the first bad opinion)

Both the babies are from a later gen, and it should work the same as Pichu/Pikachu. Pikachu is from gen 1 whilst Pichu is from gen 2. Same for Wobbuffet & Magmar (yeah Wynaut is gen 3 and Wobbuffet is gen 2, but still). Also, Magmar & Wobbuffet aren’t that uncommon to find. They should appear shiny IMO. Magmortar in this case, not.

Roselia is also catchable with its shiny form and Roselia gets its baby later, another example.


Togetic btw doesn’t appear that much and it is from the same gen as the baby either. Togetic is the only one we shouldn’t see shiny in wild, if were speaking about evolved babies.

You have shiny Togepi no doubt…
This making you unsupport this :roll_eyes:

They cant even spawn in the wild as non shinies.


I have shiny Wynaut, not Togepi

Even better: I had shiny Wynaut, now it’s a Wobbuffet. If Niantic will do this, I’ll feel really stupid😂

I dont think evolutions of any shiny appear in the wild. Not just babys, but also normal ones (gyarados, makuhita or wailord for example)

In my oppinion they shouldnt. Gives an incomplete pokedex if you mange to get the evolution but not the basic form.

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Niantic actually shouldn’t, I agree, but we have shiny Pikachu & Roselia also wild. And that really confuses me: What shinies are available in the wild?! That’s why I think Niantic should choose: Or the 1st evolution should be shiny in wild (except for Togetic), or they shouldn’t be. Personally, I’d say they should, because some people have shiny Roselia & Pikachu now, without having the (shiny) baby (Budew isn’t even in the game het).

It’s ok… Nothing difference

:joy::smirk: i knew that

Than Niantic should allow Togepi, wynaut ,pichu and other babies to spawn in wild…
(making them available only from eggs Even this is a cheap bussiness)

Wob does

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Nope. Only Pikachu and Roselia do atm.

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Cool posts by the way been reading your stuff

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YOU ARE SOOO right @vineel yo that’s why! To earn money for people that buy incubators!!!

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I BUYED ultra box 4 times (using real Money)in this 3weeks just to get shiny babies and I was so bored to see all useless Pokemons from eggs

They are put in eggs so its more interesting that way
I really hope they start putting new Pokemon in lets say Research breakthrough too, like maybe Spiritomb :heart_eyes: