Shinnoh stone Ridiculousness

We want Shinnoh stone to be in store , Special boxes or Field Research :imp:
It’s very pathetic to see it Extremely rare
In Reality Niantic didn’t even release the Gen4 Evolutions
They just giving each Evolutions Once a week through Shinnoh stone (Very bad)


I REALLY dont want to see it in the store though. Just stops and gyms like other stones would be fine by me.


Gifts too.

It’s bad enough I have to spend the 50 coins I get a day on incubators or storage space. I don’t want to have to buy stones also.


Hope they make it like the other evolution items, removing it from gifts.
Gyms spinning (low luck) and the 7 day on pokestops.
Giving them away would take out the fun and people would get 20 of each evolution in a blink of an eye. The game is a marathon not a 100 meters race.

Even me too…But am thinking Niantic wants them to be in store
So am trying to get that little bit faster atleast

Even if Niantic give them as I suggested
You play in your own way by getting an evolution every week