Shiney Magicarps.. a myth?

Hi. New member here. Tbh I only joined because I’m at my wits end :sweat_smile:

I’ve been playing since launch. I play a lot.
I have everything available in my part of the world.

I’ve been chasing a shiney magicarp since they first became available. I’ve yet to see one.

Friends who started later and play significantly less have multiples. It’s getting beyond a joke.

Most games have loot pools, I’m beginning to wonder if this is somehow missing from mine?

I took a screenshot to give an example. I’m no noob crying wolf :nerd_face:

I’ve also been playing from launch and only got my first one last week. It’s just luck unfortunately…

Same here

RNGesus will provide at some point. May be an idea to look up local nests on the Silph Rd Nest Atlas & see if you can’t grind a few out.
Chaining in PoGo hasn’t been proven yet but catching lots more may increase your chances.

I know the feeling! i’m just under 1k caught (includig pre shiny) magikarp and caught my first shiny last friday. It really became frustating to even see a magikarp knowing i wouldn’t be so lucky.

My brother on the otherhand caught 660 magikarp (including pre shinies) and has 4! best part of it was when on holiday we were in a magikarp habitat with many karps to be caught. I told him in 1 week i should be able to get a shiny. He said no, i’ll get my 2nd before you get your first. 3 seconds later he had his 2nd shiny magikarp…

Also never caught a shiny from a raid (excluding lugia) and not for the lack of trying.

I caught 150 and have 2 shiny lol

Level 40 with 22k catches total here(thats actually quite low, i know): As far as my game is concerned, shiny pokemon only exsist on community day :wink:

I assume 22k catches total, not magikarp :wink:

And you describe what i (and i guess many) feel: shiny only exist on community day. That sums it up perfectly.

Been there…
I myself started thinking shiny Magikarp is a myth when they spawned EVERYWHERE during Kanto Event and then again in Earth Day event and still nothing… But my partner just recently caught one, and he had been just as un-lucky with shinies as me. So there is still hope! Well… at least I hope, there’s still hope. :grin:
I’m at about 1k Magikarp seen.

But how about Wailmer? None of the people I play with got a shiny in the recent event… Seems to be a myth, too…:weary:

concerning wailmer, and luck in general:
i used up all my luck last weekend
Caught a 100% machamp from raid, a Latios that didn’t flee (yeey), a 98% sneazel from raid and caught a tyrannitar from raid with a pinap (also something i’m unlucky with). All i needed was a shiny to make it a perfect run. 10 minutes after Tyrannitar i caught my shiny Magikarp.
Next day: did 2 raids on gyms close to each other. After the 2nd i saw a wailmer + larvitar on a stop behind the first gym, decided to go back for it: shiny wailmer.

and now, good luck is gone and i’ll most likely QQ to everyone who wil hear it about my bad luck for months to come.

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I know some people who caught like 2000+ and still got no shiny Magikarp.

RNGesus… you play destiny?

I’m “glad” I’m not the only one.

I’ve had 2 swablus, Aron and a shuppet caught in the wild plus a shiney Lugia and snorunt from raids, plus the stuff from events. (No shiney pika though, that didn’t happen).

I guess I’ll just keep on at it.

Never liked this kind of RNG, prefer reward based content

22K CATCHES?!? :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
How do u do that?


22k is pretty low for a level 40. I actually know level 38’s with more. They just dont like evolving. The highest i know of has almost 75k, doesnt even own a goplus. He just has a gym and alot of spawns at his work :stuck_out_tongue:

Been playing since July of '16 and only got 1 Shiny Magikarp. The cool thing was, I caught it as I was getting my 400th candy for Mew quest.

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I got my first/only one the day before mareep community day. I evolved it for the mewquest.