Share your shiny catch!

I searched a little bit, but haven’t found something to share your shiny catches. So I wanted to make this topic for sharing shiny catches (both catching and after catching [the box] are allowed).
So: If you catch (or hatch) a shiny, you can share it here!

(Don’t ask me why but the second file was too big.)

I caught a Shiny Meditide.

I’m confused. There are a few posts for shinies already such as this one that you’ve posted in multiple times. This is now just a duplication.

That’s right but I don’t think that topic is really meant for that, honestly (correct me if I’m wrong,, then we just close this thread).
This one is.

I’ve caught two meditite and a makuhita…would love another makuhita before the event is over.

Same here. The only shiny Makuhita I have is a 10CP

Nothing exciting yet for me.

I’ve gotten two meditite and my second Murkrow but still don’t have my makuhita.

Makuhita was very easy for me. It was number 95 for me if I remember correctly.

IV was a shame but hey it’s a shiny Charizard!


Look at it’s weight - 99,99kg

I saw it too lol.

This was an incensed, Go-plused 0%iv, 110 cp catch i had on community day…show me something crazier, ill wait