Share your Psychic event catches!

Starting October 5,More Psychic types like abra,Ralts and baltoy spawn more frequently.

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More importantly though,shiny Drowzee! :smiley:


I already made this :sob::cold_sweat:

@Jormdeworm Idk what to say that doesn’t sound mean or rude… but can you close this?

No…You made a discussion about the event,I made the catch topic…

Now you edited it…STILL not fair!

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Jesus christ will people stop making multiple pists about this thing before it even starts?

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I caught a Kadabra.I see shuppets nearby somehow.Is shuppet part of the event too?

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I thought it was clear by the description that it was for that purpose, but sorry If I offended you :sweat_smile::grin:.