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Share Pokémon GO Friend Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Add me 5881 1683 7212

Just looking to add some friends

I am looking for a few more friends that are at least higher level 31 and are strong enough to do raids. I really want to do raids but a lot of the time I can’t do it alone since it is too difficult to do by myself. I will send gifts whenever I have gifts! I really would like to find people who are strong and can do raids whenever I send them. Thank you!

My trainer code is 0450 8538 5661

5881 1683 7212

Searching for new Friends.
Daily Gifts and RAID invitations:)

My Code:
3065 7430 9447

Feel free to add.

Hi, i started playing a few weeks ago and im looking for friends. Feel free to add me. Active every day (except when im working).
2340 9553 4035, lvl 21
Im from Slovakia, currently working in Irland.

8956 9844 8689

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Hi, I from Paris (in France).

My code Pokemon Go : 2487 4008 8117 (Level 42 / Red Teams)
My Code Pokemon Home : JNEGEQYWRWRN

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I’d be happy to make some new friends in the game.
I’m Lucasai90 in the game, based in Poland.

My code: 1796 0904 2015

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Hey all Alabama trainer here. Trainer Code 5932 8272 0151. Up for all raids battles gifts.

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My gf just started playing Pokémon go and needs friends please add her

2552 3086 8578

She is always running out of poke balls please help her

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Pls add us? Need friends:
3204 1145 6735
0583 4567 3714

Pls send gift, we have only a few poke stops.

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Trainer code: 6872 4760 6124

Let’s trade and battle! :3

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hi i am from indonesia, please add me to send a gift and trade, looking for a friend around the world :slight_smile:

add me please 4557 2037 1989

thank you

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Hi ! I’m french, had me to make some raid together ! my code : 7658 6986 4981

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4084 3646 5622


Please add will send gifts