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Share Pokémon GO Friend Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)

4557 8709 7459 I play daily.

I will invite people to 3+ raids including mega raids so we can have a huge raid party

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 0590 6213 7422!

2931 4053 2981 my trainer code

0590 6213 7422 Add me if you want gifts I have too many and also to do raids

Add my Code - 0332 8125 9424

3979 7316 2888 from the Netherlands add me :slight_smile:

hey come check out Discord with me POKEFriends We can friend each other on go and plan raids because I have a tier. 5 starting in like 40 mins

Hi I’m from New York need some friends will send gifts

5426 7455 8587

My code for go is 7551 8783 6956 :blush:

5950 9303 4357

Two players living in Norway. Opening 30 gifts daily, sending all best friends gifts every day.

9217 8148 2096
6267 8294 9250

7111 1858 4921 Add me I play pretty much all the time :slight_smile:

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I just joined this place so I’m not too sure how to use this website yet, how do I make a post here? Also I sent you a request

9071 3297 6464 I need people to send gifts for, also if there is a raid I might invite you you that if it’s anything cool :slight_smile: I play all the time

My friend code if any wants to add me :pleading_face:

My Pokémon code, looking to add some folks and have fun on the app now!

0781 3254 0569

Add me!

Hi. I am doing daily raids. Please add me and I’ll invite you when I see you online.

5962 0411 7049

5881 1683 7212 add me very active

please invite me to friends and then to raid batels in dialga My code 478662167261 and 5755 0222 2085 and 918033883826