Shadow MewTwo

I’m a casual player and we’ll, often miss news and such… I just finished the one event beating the team leader and was expecting to see Mewtwo pop up but instead Moltress was there, and not even a good one.

Wasn’t mewtwo the prize for completion?

Are you taking about the Super Rocket Radar from the current Timed Research or from on an older Research? Anyways - they changed Giovanni’s Shadow Pokémon encounter to Moltres with the start of the current event. So Shadow Mewtwo is (currently) not available.

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Yup… That’s the one. Took a while to finish it, that research guy kept saying mewtwo… Then I finally finished and got a really junky moltress.

Did pokemon change? I quit for about 15 months, then came back for my niece who plays, and wow… Everything is junk. Eggs hatch and CP is low, maybe 2 star, no more monthly legendary, and catching something worth evolving is harder to find than a shiny. I came back to play around when that Beldum community day occurred and wow, that was a bust. 3 of us playing for 2 hours, not a single shiny for anyone.