Second round of Sinnoh Stone Evolutions (Speculation)

As we know, there are still another 11 Pokemon from previous generations that will presumably evolve with a Sinnoh Stone, and I’ll list them below in order of Pokedex:

Ambipom (from Aipom)
Magnezone (from Magneton)
Lickilicky (from Licktung)
Tangrowth (from Tangela)
Yanmega (from Yanma)
Leafeon (from Eevee)
Glaceon (from Eevee)
Mamoswine (from Piloswine)
Gallade (from Kirlia-Male)
Probopass (from Nosepass)
Froslass (from Snorunt-Female)

Since Mamoswine is featured for the upcoming Community Day, I suspect that we may see the others either beforehand–I suspect after the Hoenn Celebration ends–and that Mamoswine will require a Sinnoh Stone, it seems a good bet that the other 10 will require one as well.

So, just for curiosity, if these Pokemon are unlocked before Community Day, which Pokemon–minus Mamoswine since I’m sure we would all be waiting until CD to evolve it–would you choose to evolve first and why?

I’ll start. Even though I have a perfect Piloswine–which would be the normal first choice–I would probably do my Magnezone first since it’s a 98% with perfect HP and Attack. I lack great Electric types, and at least Magnezone will have some great TDO to last.

How about you?

The first I’ll evolve will be my 94% perfect Attack/HP Lucky Magneton.

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I can see some before some after. I can see some being CD mons (Yanmega, Likilicky, etc) basically any of the mons that required a specific move to evolve. And I would go for the eeveelutions first since I’m a huge Eevee fan.


Fair point, but I wouldn’t count on Pokemon that only evolve once being featured for Community Day. All by Mamoswine, Magnezone and Gallade only evolve once. The Magnemite family is already shiny, and Mamoswine soon will be, which just leaves Ralts. He’s definitely likely to have a Community Day. It could be like one with two featured exclusive moves, one for Gardevoir and one for Gallade. That would be boss.


I have a feeling that Leafeon and Glaceon will have some other mechanic.

I want Yanmega, Gallade, and Tangrowth the most. Gallade would be my #1.

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I have a 98 tangela boosted from a raid that I am itching to evolve


Ive added speculation to your title cause, you know, its not sure yet. Probably, but not definetly :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not going to use any Sinnoh stones before the CD, unless we get a raid boss where any of these might be the top counter. I dont see that happening though.

? Only evolve once?? And To clarify I wasn’t limiting it to mons that required specific moves, I just meant that I can see them using Pokémon that required a specific move to evolve being a CD mon in addition to other Pokémon like ralts.

No problem, because it is speculative.

And what I meant by evolving only one is that there is no other evolutions beyond evolving once to its next form. I still have my doubts that we will see them get any CD spotlights though.


Lol no I got that, I was just confused bc I never said only evolve once, then I realized that besides mamoswine all the other specific move evolutions only evolve once. All good :+1:t2: And fair point they probably won’t, but since this is all speculation I’ll throw this idea into the ring

Fair enough.

This does give me pause to evolve Gallade right now should be come out, even if Regigigas is the next Legendary to come out (gotta need those Fighting-types), so it’s good to talk about these possibilities now.

I am curious how Glaceon and Leafeon will be handled, and it is a little disconcerting until we get verification how they will. I have two 98% ones, and I plan to use both of them frequently.

Same I’ve been thinking that as well. I hope they don’t just throw them into the random evolution mix. They could do something similar to espeon and umbreon. Gen 4 did bring some unique evolution methods.

I’m pretty good on Ice-types, but a 98% Glaceon is not to be overlooked, and should Rayquaza come back, I want to go all in on Ice-types for maximum DPS.

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I have solid rock types, only good ice type that I have is a 96% weavile

Definetly my 100IV Eevee
Then probably my Yanma, then wait till Mamo CD

Doubt they will release everything before November-December, a little before releasing the Gen5.
Probably we will get some more Alolan during this year and some “special events”, before the evolutions.

That’s extremely unlikely to say the least. Between the final wave of Gen 3 and Gen 4 was a full 8 months. If anything, I suspect that most if not all of Gen 4 minus Legendaries and Mythicals will be out before April at the latest.

They’re not going to release Gen 5 a full 14 months after the previous primary wave, because that would be a wait-time that could cause many players to quit the game, events notwithstanding.

How would you even consider such an estimate? It doesn’t seem to have any basis in fact or previous history, so how did you come to this conclusion?

They released all Alolan forms already any ways. But for special events/ research tasks maybe we’ll finally get smeargle to finish off the Johto dex as well as Kecleon for Hoenn

THAT would be nice. There’s also Clamperl, which shouldn’t have even been delayed since it uses an Evolutionary Item. It’s only hiccup is that it lives at the bottom of the sea. Seriously?

Ahh I forgot about clampearl, true it should be out, the only other reason I can see it being delayed is that niantic is trying to figure out how to implement its two evolutionary items. Personally I would rather see smergle before any of the other gen 4 sinnoh stone evolutions.