Search Tropius, Corsola and Bouffalant

I want to search Tropius, Bouffalant and Corsola. I can offer in return for trade:
Pachirisu, Zangoose, Sawk.
Possible I can to catch Pansear, east sea Shellos, Volbeat, Solrock, Lunatone, Heatmor.
I have shiny (for trade): Skarmory, Shiftry, Furret, Poliwag, Chimchar.

I don’t think bouffalant is in the game, but I might be wrong

I see boufallant in the game

@No_Name unfortunately you need to be close to each other to be able to trade.

@Brobraam yes, Bouffalant is available, but in NYC only if I’m not mistaken😕

I didn’t know I needed to be close :unamused: Maybe someone from Africa or Australia could exchange gifts with me to make them hatch from eggs (I can already get eggs from New York). But in this case, I don’t know what to offer in return :disappointed: of the regional pokemon, I only hatched a pansеar and pachirisu

They can’t make them hatch from 7km eggs.
Currently, regional Pokemon are not available in eggs except for the ones that can spawn already there where you are. But none in 7km eggs

I have an tropius for you.

I did the search…

Now what? :face_with_monocle: I await further instructions… :laughing:


Me too


I’m very angry, NO Bouffalant, NO Tropius, ONLY the Corsolant…

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