Screenshots of game from house

What can you see from your house

Will post screenshot later

On laptop so cant

The entire world! laughs in spoofing

Just kidding, like 10 gyms and a lot of stops

16 gyms and about 85 Pokestops, but not one of them is acessible from home, I have to go out to reach them



3 gyms and 15 pokestops on the east side
absolutely nothing on the west side

WTB pokestop submission mechanism.

Arround 14 gyms and ALOT of stops, including a park with a round of 9 stops wich you can walk in 5 minutes exactly (working on the 10th) and a street thats part of a round you can do by car (its a bike street wich you can acces by car, so mandatory slow speed) with 28 stops in it.

2 gyms and 5 stops

6 Gyms and 13 Stops but all at the end of the map.

(Files were too big)

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My only stop

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And ur level 38? :scream::fearful::open_mouth::frowning::hushed::dizzy_face:

Here’s the only gym I can see from my house. I have OCD so it really bothers me when it isn’t blue. So I have to fight it when I leave or before I come home.

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