Screen glitch still not fixed

Hi everyone. I still really enjoy playing this game, but only one glitch is really hindering my gameplay and it gets very annoying. Sometimes, when I tap on a gym and exit out, my screen doesn’t work properly. I can’t tap any pokemon, gym or pokestop (except the menu), and I am forced to restart the app every time that happens. It gets very annoying and time-consuming while playing, and makes me get nervous to look at gyms sometimes when I’m on the go. I already reported this issue to the game’s support website, but after so many updates, this issue still happens to me. I use iPhone 7 and the latest updated iOS. Does this issue happen to anyone else? And will Niantic fix this soon?

The rather humorous side of this glitch, by the way, results in the following images, where I am super-shrunk and the pokemon around me are gigantic.:

No but I get the gym exiting one

Whilst I personally haven’t seen this my guess is that it’s a known bug at Niantic and they’re probably working on a fix. Hopefully it will come soon.

It’s still there. It happend to me yesterday after feeding some berry’s to my pokemon. I just couldn’t go out. I had to restart the game for a fix.

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