Screen Capture and PoGo

Let me explain… the picture of our mon’s with all their info is larger than the screen, so you have to scroll to see it.

I would like to make Screen Captures, but of the whole information.

Anybody knows a good and gratis app to do this, which is easy to use? Because I have tried to do it with the inbuild feature of Android, it says you can use it with this purpose, but in 20 intentions I have got one result… it’s horrible for me.

I found one… LongScreenShot. Quite easy to use, and the result exactly how I wanted. Here an example:

Just so I understand the output: It shows IV (70), Att (14), Def (4), Sta (13), and then what is the last number (27)? Level?

Exactly, I have arranged the Output of Calcy IV until it was the way I like it.

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Doesn’t leave much room for giving them clever names then. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, really, it’s maybe a too rational way… the clever names I let for other players :rofl: