Scaling update causes Magnemite's to dodge off the screen

Yesterday I went hunting for some Aron’s downtown and ran into a lot of Magnemites along the way. I noticed that each Magnimite I encountered was scaled smaller than before the most recent update. However, now when Magenemite dodges (zig zags from left to right) the scaling update makes it so the Magnemite completely disappears off screen to the left and then darts across the screen and off it again to the right. The first time this happened I assumed lag was the issue but it happened time and time again. Are there any other Pokemon the scaling updated effected in relation to their dodge animation? For example, I love to catch my Yanma’s, but I sure hope they aren’t dodging like Magnemites. Yet to encounter a Yanma since the update.

Did the scaling update only affect Mageneton’s dodge or are other Pokemon that have similar dodge animations like Yanma, affected too?

Ledyba, Ledian and any Pokemon that has the zig-zag dodge animation are affected.

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I put a Yanma in a gym and it got killed, so it must not dodge enough.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

magnemite going insane here

It’s also been happening with zubats I’ve noticed.