Saying goodbye to pokemon go

I dont know why am i wasting my time to write this post.Before 3 weeks i stopped playing pokemon go.I wrote 6 reports to niantic but no result.I had an ex pass but it was in another country.Insted of the trash pokemon go i started playing yugioh due links.Pokemon go had an amazing potention but niantic destroyed it.For example in duel links konami is doing new events every week and some small events with bonuses.Like this they entertain the players.I am just here to say goodbye.All of you here are amazing continue building the community.I will never come back.In my opinion nintendo should do something.Niantic ruined my favorite game.THX

Bie , bie pokemon go

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Thats realy sad, but Ig you keep working you can make the game better, and ex raids are not the only thong in the game


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