Same IV%, but different stats, what to do then?

Alright, so this is the first time I’ve ended in this situation, and now after using some hours trying to find something about the topic, then I thought I should hear others out instead.

Anyway, so we all want a beautiful 100% IV pokemon, which is hard enough to find. However, I did find myself an Eevee on 93%, which is still really good.

I do also know about the tricks to get a Umbreon or a Espeon, but they are out of this discussion, since I need a new Jolteon or a new Flareon.

Then I got this thought, what if, I get a Vaporeon, then I’ll end up with a second Vaporeon on 93% IV, however with stats displayed differently.

Then I’ll end up with the following:
Vaporeon #1 = ATK - 15, DEF - 15, STA - 12 = 93%
Vaporeon #2 = ATK - 14, DEF - 14, STA - 14 = 93%

Which Vaporeon(if that case should happen), would be the better one, since IV is the same?

This would also be a possible scenario in the future, with any other pokemon, that has the same IV%, but just divided stats in different ways. Then what would be the best thing to focus on?

The CP on #1 will go higher based on the Attack stat.
I discovered this by accident when I made my own spread sheet to list my Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar, Chansey/Blissey, Snorlax and Vaporeons to get the best value for Candy and Star Dust spend. (This was under the old Gym system when big CP was king)
I had a 69% and a 60% Blissey that when I put into Poke Genie to check the Power up costs found the 60% went to a much higher CP than the 69%. The diffence was the Attack stat was higher on the 60%.
I then checked 2 of my 76% Vaporeons and found the same. One went 3 power ups higher than the other and again the Attack stats were the diffence.

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The attack IV have a major contribution in the equation of calculation of CP. In resume, the final CP of a pokemon its calculated by three factors: ATK, DEF and STA (or HP) in which the ATK contibution its linear while the other two are raised to 0.5 power. In your case, your 93% pokemon with better IV attcack will have higer CP than the other one.
Of course this doesn’t apply if there is more difference in pokemon %IV, this is: if an 84%IV pokemon have 15 in attack IV and a 96%IV for the same type of pokemon have 13 in attack IV, there is more chance that the 96% have a higher final CP at the same level.