Same Digit CP Challenge - Increasing or Decreasing Order


  1. Someone posts their same digit, 2digits, 3digits and 4digits (Ex: 11, 111, or 1111 and so on) CP any kind Pokemons here.

2a) It should be in an increasing or decreasing order as long as it is a continuous digit, meaning 1-9 or 9-1 only.

2b) So if the first one is 11, next should be 22, if it is 111 next should be 222, if it is 1111 next should be 2222. If 3333 is the maximum possible same digit CP for PoGo right now, then if this is reach, next poster could either post 2222 to decrease again, or if a day already passes, 44 and 444 would be allowed to continue the process, as 4444 would be not yet possible in game.

2c) If the previous one is already 99, 999, then the next person could either post 11, 111 again and continue the increasing order. Or 88, 888 and begin a decreasing order from there until it reaches 11 or 111 where the next post should again be in increasing order so 22, 222, or 2222 could be started again.

  1. 1 hour rule (the same person is allowed to post the next one after one hour) applies here.

Have fun!

I will start with this one here…

I don’t have 1111 or 222, so not sure how far this challenge will go.

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Ha, I only caught this last night and the only reason I kept it was it was bigger CP than the other Growlithe I had for leaving in Dog Park Gyms.