Safari Zone Event Experiences

My day had just begun, waiting for a Moltres raid to start. This thing appears from nowhere in the middle of Kengsington…an Australia exclusive Kangaskhan. People are getting 5,6,10 of them, it’s madness. It probably wasn’t a good idea to waste all my rare candy :grin:



Enjoy this while you can! I’d love to be in London right now. :slight_smile:


Today is a great day…

Croatia and the vast majority of other European countries are deprived of regional pokemon. That’s not fair!

So sad I have to leave now…:frowning:

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Also, this is London at the moment. What madness!

Heading out to the mall in Germany, will keep this thread updated if anything goes down there.

is Kangaskhan the only regional exclusiv, that will spawn until 21. ? Or will there be others ?

In Europe there will be Kangaskhan and Mr Mime, in Japan there will be FarFecth’d and Mr Mime.

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