Rural vs Urban Players

Just a general idea. I would like various rural and city players to comment to leave notes on their account like this:

Rural or Urban:
Total XP:
Pokémon caught:
Pokestops Spun:
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP):

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What do you mean by best CP?Best CP pokemon we have caught wild or we have?

What’s the point of your survey if you don’t ask if they are a rural player or urban player?

That’s a mistake on my part. Will change it now

Best cp in general. Just to compare to others.

Rural or Urban: Rural**
Level: 32
Total XP: 3476300
Pokémon caught: 7397
Pokestops Spun: 8885
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP): Tyranitar 3204

**Despite living in a rural town with about 6000 people, I travel often and spend 2-3 days a month in large metro areas on average.

Rural or Urban: Rural
Level: 34
Total XP: 5.637.869
Pokémon caught: 14.176
Pokestops spun: 12.779
Best Pokémon (CP): Dragonite 3309 (lvl 35)
Startdate: 17th of july

Rural or Urban: Rural (very rural… in Ecuador)*
Level: 32
Total XP: 3577067
Pokémon caught: 10039
Pokestops Spun: 4800
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP): Tyranitar (3024)

  • I’ve traveled to Spain (a month) and to Orlando (a week), so I do really feel like many of the pokestops are not from my area, ha ha ha

Might as well share my own.
Rural or Urban: Rural
Level: 33
Total XP: 3769471
Pokemon Caught: 10,426
PokeStops spun: 17,698
Best Pokemon: Dragonite at 3274 CP

I travel up to Central London a lot for the game. Quite expensive though.

Where does one draw the line between urban and rural? J live in a town of 50000 that seems to straddle the line.

In this case, it’s about personal judgement. I live with 3 stops and 2 gyms about 15 mins away. This means I travel a lot to play the game. What about you?

I have 8 Pokestops and a gym within 1-1 kilometers making it impossible to track anything. Having played in communities ranging from 700 people to 4 million I would say we are more rural than urban.

Rural or Urban: rural
Level: 36
Total XP: 9609447
Pokémon caught: 22468
Pokestops Spun: 12295
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP): 3210 Gyrados

I have been fortunate to played in 8 states, and dozens of cities ranging from tiny blips on the map to LA, Vegas and Chicago. That is one benefit getting to do some business travel.

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Rural or Urban: Urban/Rural Mixture*
Level: 26
Total XP: 1,043,951
Pokémon caught: 2571
Pokestops Spun: 1858
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP): 2173 Rhydon**

*: I live in Muscat (the capital city of Oman) but because of where I live in the city, I’m in a “rural” zone of it. My closest Pokestop is 2km away.
**: This Rhydon was not caught in Oman, and was rather caught in Dubai, UAE.

Level: 33
Total Exp: 4.302.072
Pkmn caught: 10.636
Pkstops spun: 9.082
Dragonite 3091
Started to play: 16th of July 16’
And I’m using a Go+ since November.

Rural or Urban: Rural (population 942!!)
Level: 37
Total XP: 10014903
Pokémon caught: 18006
Pokestops Spun: 19727
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP): Dragonite 3413

No tyranitar yet. :frowning: As you might expect we don’t have the greatest Pokemon selection in my rural town. I saw two Larvitar during the event (not in my town) and that is it. I have never seen them at any other time. I now have enough candy to evolve Pupitar but I am waiting until I have enough candy to power tyranitar up. :smiley: I make cake deliveries to surrounding towns so I play where I deliver.

Urban for the most part- I work in a downtown area, but live in the suburbs
Level 34
XP total 5677639
3179 dragonite
Caught 14110 Pokémon
Spun 12557 stops ( I can reach two stops from my office)

Will also add I have never once gps spoofed and have never put money into the game, all my coins came from gyms. I have traveled to Las Vegas, Washington DC and a few smaller places since the game started

Level 37
XP 11.2 Million
26K Caught
25K Pokestops
3565 CP Tyranitar 100% IV almost fully powered up

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Rural or Urban: Mixture of both. Closest pokestop is 3km away from where I live but ingress is still alive in our city’s populous and they have done quite the job at creating portals (AKA Poke stops) all around rural areas and the urban part of town 30 minutes from me.
Level: 34
Total XP: 5.884.734
Pokémon caught: 14.644 Where I work is a great spawn point. Typically its a 15 plus cluster of Mons to greet me good morning.
Spun: 8.925
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP): 3334 Dragonite

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Rural or Urban: Urban-ish (population 200.000 in my city with plenty of pokestops and arenas, but we have much fewer and less varied spawns than smaller towns I’ve played in)
Level: 25
Total XP: 742743
Pokémon caught: 2061
Pokestops Spun: 1928
Best Pokémon (and it’s CP): Vaporeon with CP2352

I’ve been playing since the official release in Germany (July 13th 2016), but with lots of breaks, because spawns around here aren’t great to say the least and catching millions of Rattata and Pidgey sometimes just doesn’t seem worth it. I try to get out at least for the events, but I often miss announcements for them and only get alerted by friends a few days in. ^^’