Rural players! Why do you still play?

So before the rage beings this isnt a dig and poking fun at rural players but honestly why do you still play? I’ve seen screen shots on here of some of you guys who have nothing nearby and have heard about people who have one stop in there village or nothing for a mile. So what’s kept you playing? I’m curious… If the spawns are as bad and there’s nothing about I can’t get my head around both why and how you can play because it doesn’t seem fun for you guys. I see so much complaining from rurals and 100% support that you guys need help but if I was in that position I’d have given up ages ago…

Honestly if you answer is you spoof just don’t comment and I hope you get banned :smiley: but love to hear why and how you guys get by and really hope for some better coverage for you guys!!!


I just walk around for eggs, catch some mons, once in the 10 days i can take over a gym and i just spin stops.


I don’t play anymore, not due to the rural, I’m just tired of the game. Was actually looking forward to nice weather and stuff, but it just became a job due to lack of maps, that’s mainly the raids. Other reason is that others are too. There are big changes needed to Pokemon GO if it will survive. We have been promised tons of stuff, but nothing. The quest-part didn’t give me any motivation to continue with the game.

The game is so boring, it’s not worth spoofing. I did spoof and make bots, but that was fun to start with, then it became boring.

I hope Niantic is going to do something new, it’s long overdue.

It is sheer stubbornness. I want to complete my pokedex and I have moderate success in that through hatching eggs. Cannot get people for Legendary Raids or level 4, but with the new quests in place I can pick them up eventually. We have a good variety of spawns and as long as they keep throwing out events to change things up it is really not so bad. I can farm candies and evolve my own from what I hatch. I really like to raid though, so I have to visit my son in the big city a couple times a year. I can’t understand though why we have only two gyms in the entire county that are 10 miles apart. Other isolated areas in Eastern Kentucky have 4-6 gyms centrally located and we have two far apart. It is sheer luck to come upon a raid in progress or about to happen before or after work so I can normally get in a single raid in a week.

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I think for many its hope of a better future. I’m in a relatively rural bit but still have 3 gyms and 6 pokestops in my village (4 of them are in a place only open from 10am-4pm so its effectively 2 stops most of the time). Mainly still play around here out of hope they would release more pokestops. Hasn’t happened in 2 years though.

Like Weevee i’m also seriously tired of the game. Obviously it was great at the start catching all those new pokemon. For me thats what made the game good-catching new ones. And obviously the way the game is designed, you run out of new ones quick, and the effort to catch the few you have left (which is all a game of chance anyway) doesn’t seem as worth it.

I did take the game pretty seriously, trying to get to level40 etc. The minute i got there the game seemed redundant. Kind of regret not savouring the journey tbh-its the same with new pokemon, i got at least half of gen2 within a few days of them being released.

Quests were a good addition but still not enough for me. Not sure what else I could ask from the game tbh so can’t see myself playing much anymore.

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The events/specials and pretty much trying to get better and better Pokemon is why I continue to play. Case in point: Earth Day Event ends and I figure my play will grind to a halt and then boom Fighting Type Event begins and its “back to the races”. Eggs are my sole source to Pokemon city-folk take for granted. (Did get a 67% Shellgon during Bulbasaur Community Day, tho…)

Since I’ve joined our local Discord, the raids are actually the most fun I’ve had playing this game. It is fun socializing with all the other local players. My 10 year old son usually joins me on raids and he seems to be the only one there who is in the age range that Pokemon was designed for. We don’t get to do too many because of his school time and my work schedule but the few we do get to do are fun. Even though he catches the Legendary way more than I do.

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