Rural players = no Ex raids?

In the past experience, Japan’s Ex raids were cancelled due to the lack of participating players. Does it mean that Ex raid can only be held on large cities? Are rural players unable to battle Mewtwo? It would be better for Niantic to develop another system base on rural players.

I think the system is the system. ive spent plent y of time playing in rural areas and raiding there is hard, There is no good way to scale raid boss CP based on the number of players without factoring player level and then suddenly the social aspect is total removed from the game.

I was not a big fan of the forced social play to begin with, but now I’ve found it’s one of my favorite parts of raiding. It would be a terrible loss if that goes away.

Te only solution that comes to mind is if Niantic bases CP on the average number of players with raid experience in each town,then you would still have to pick some arbitrary level for those players so that it was at least some type of challenge. It would be tough if not nearly impossible for Niantic to do.

I think Niantic is relying on raids. All legendaries are battled in raids that rural players are lagging behind us with no legendaries on their hand. Raids could be great for Pokemon like Lapras and Tyranitar, but not legendaries.

6 of my raid group are invited to a raid in a place of 3000 people not too far away, on a Sunday afternoon :slight_smile: we have high hopes! The raid system can be frustrating at times, but has brought a few players together

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Thanks for your comment. Ex raid are able to hold on rural areas(villages or towns) in lower rate than cities. However I feel like it’s hard to gather enough players in rural areas to participate in Ex raids.

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