Rural players and struggle to collect items

I’m a rural player at level 32. I can’t get enough items like berries and pokeballs and I just saw a female Eevee with the heart tipped tail and ran out of pokeballs before it ever showed up. Wish there was a way I could get a pokestop in my area before reaching level 40.

I appreciate all the new updates that are helping in rural areas but when you live in a area that’s nothing but farm land it’s agonizing getting to those goal that help rural players.

Best thing to do is get adding players from the mega thread and get gifts from them.

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Unova Stones can be obtained from Team GO Rocket Leaders and Giovanni, so try that–there’s also a guaranteed one from the Hatchathon event every Monday of it if you get 50 km from what I understand.

Sinnoh Stones? Battle a Team Leader once a day and battle three times a day with another person.

Everything else? Get gifts from friends because they do happen once in a while.

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I have but only a hand full of them are sending gifts. Although I appreciate the few who have been my buddy Pokemon goes without a treat more often than not.