Running out of pokéballs

I thought the game was supposed to be free ?
In a middle of a hunt it said i’d ran out of pokeballs, so i payed £5 ( UK ) to get 100 more.

Is the only way to get pokeballs to buy them ? If so its gonna get pretty expensive which i don’t want

You could spin pokestops and gym dials


I run out of red ones all the time but I usually have a decent supply of blue and yellow ones just in case.

If I go to a pokestop I get free pokeballs ?

Yes, and doing the same in Gyms as well. You only have to spin the photo-disc

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Enjoy, sometimes still using this free-balls I get in situations without balls. But with the time you will learn the middle point between too much catching and too much balls (becuase your stocking space is limited)

Yes. PokéBalls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls. You can also get Berries, Revives and Potions at those.

Just found 4 pokestops and got 4 balls out of each of them! thanks


Theres an ingame tutorial that pops up when first you start the game. I suggest reading it.

You can get Pokeballs at level 1.

At level 5, Razz Berries are unlocked. If you see a rare or strong Pokemon, you may want to use one of those on it, as it will improve your chancs of catching it.

Do you guys buy your Pókeballs or do you go round collecting them for free ?

Personally I don’t buy them. You can find them really easy. I bought them once, but that was by mistake :upside_down_face:

Oh, and: You can also get them as rewards by completing Field Research. The Task itself explains what you need to do.

Fair enough :slight_smile: i just bought 220 to keep me going as a n00b, hopefully i find a few more pokestops, there’s only 4 near me unfortunately.

I think we should earn about 2 or 3 pokeballs each time we catch a pokemon, that would be cool

The pokestops are recharched about 5 minutes after you spin the disc. When the color changes again to light blue, you can give it the next spin and you get again balls.

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awesome, thank you

Same with gyms.

Wait, really? I thought it was level 8 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve never bought Pokeballs. I only spend the coins I get from defending gyms.