Rumour; All shinies will be available! ( Gen1 Gen2 Gen3)


All shinies will be available.

What do you mean?? @5GodLink


Wow… but go hub hasnt said anything…

Where did you find this?

Go hub doesnt data mine

Charales does

Where did you find that?


Whose twitter? Thanks for the help…


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Most GEN 1 shinys have been in the gamedata for a while now. If the rest are added now i would guess its just that Niantic did some work in advance. Easier for them for new events, and wont give any leaks beforehand.
Looking at the way they have been released so far, a few at a time at random events, they would hurt themselves by just releasing them all at once.


Mewtwo and Mew shiny sprites and normal sprites were changed! Also the silver pinap will be released very soon, along side gen 4 probably!

New sprites + all shinies

Kecleon is coming!!!

Even if all released, doesn’t mean we’ll even see them. Will be just like the real game. Very difficult, and rare.

He found that in the news the berries ( probably the three) will be released alongside each other.

If they had 30 day daily log ins they could of made it have a higher shiny rate on 30th day…7days is nothing to gloat about.

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Im hyped thanks for telling me about this guy

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I thought once a shiny was introduced into the game, it was always going to be available to some extent. Just very rare.