Rotom Discussion

What do you think how we will capture all Rotom forms?

I think they will do it like they did with Castform.

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I had to google… That thing is a pokemon? Geez im out of touch with gen4+ :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll admit that I thought rotor was a legendary when I played gen 4 because you could only get one and it was post game, for this reason I could see it being tied into research in some way. Another idea could be that the different forms are regional but at least one variant is available everywhere

Just because you can only get one in a game doesn’t make it legendary, there’s been loads of pokemon like that, for example all the starters. I don’t think it’s at all special enough for a quest line and would be difficult with all it’s variants. Also really would hate to see more regionals :frowning:

I think it will base on whether as all of the types sort of line up with weather so will function like castform.