Rocket map and its end

How do you feel about the current end of one of the main trackers. I am not particularly happy with this, but how do you feel?

What i have heard it is not the end.

I’m a bit torn on their crackdown on trackers, mostly because I find the ingame tracking system to still be immensely lacking. Often, being able to see where in my town to go for interesting spawns is what motivates me to go out at all when otherwise I just wouldn’t, because I get tired of stumbling around places catching only commons.
On the other hand I feel like spoofers and botters are a huge problem for the game, so I’m glad Niantic is targeting them.

It’s difficult. I really just wish they’d come out with a decent ingame tracker. Until then I think I’m grudgingly okay with giving up live trackers if it means getting rid of the cheating gym-hogs out there.


I would be really happy if that was true. But our town is using Rocket map and the map still works. Sadly…

Sad I’m never gonna get an unown

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Why do all of u cheat with maps…

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For to get an Unown you don’t need maps… it only makes it so easy, that it isn’t really worth to have one…

Really you think @JoshHack, you are the correct person to close this after saying " I am not particularly happy with this, but how do you feel?"

Very old news that doesn’t need to be discussed further