Rocket Battles

They are difficult.

First fight 6 grunts
Then locate a boss.

My team was:
Garchomp mud slap/outrage/fire blast
Tyranitar bite / stone edge
Vaporeon water gun / hydro pump


Looks good but it’s not going to change my game play. I will probably not be able to battle THAT, and I honestly don’t care either. I’ll just go on Shiny checking everything else around those Team GO Rocket Grunts and maybe do one battle a week.


Fight Sierra today, her line up is Sneasel, Sableye, and Alakazam, mine is Metagross, Tyranitar and Raikou. I don’t know her line up before, beat her in the first attempt. The rewards are 1000 dust, 3 revives and 3 Hyper potions.


I’m still on Stage 2.

Are the bosses near you or do you have to travel to get to them? I still need three more components anyway so I won’t be able to unlock one until tomorrow, but I was curious.

Once you get six components, an icon beneath the compass icon on the main map will appear. Pressing that will activate the scanner that will show you nearby stops that have a Team Admin waiting. It won’t tell you which one though. You can then venture to that stop, and when you are in range, it will turn black–whether it’s a Grunt stop or not–and the admin will appear beside it.

You get as many chances as you have time before the admin despawns, but once you beat him or her, the radar will break and you need to gather six more.

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Yeah you need to check that. Keeps telling me it’s done. But I still end up taking 3 gyms on the way to son’s school.

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