Robberies from pokemongo

You ever heard or been involved?

PokemonGo @ Night can get dangerous. Stay safe yall.

Yeah, a guy in our community reported he got assaulted when on a bike. Luckilly he could outrun them without any serious harm done, beside a good scare ofcourse. So now people avoid that area when its dark. Or go in groups.

Damn on his bike? Lucky he had that they would take his phone

Heard about a guy who had his phone ripped right out of his hands by some guys who drove by on a scooter. So, I put a carabiner hook through my phonecase, to which I can attach a chain that’s linked to my belt. It’ll at least give me the pleasure of seeing them pull themselves from their ride.


Nice idea. I know some dark dark paths that could use more light doubt anyone going there to catch anything tho since no stops / gyms but it was first place i went when i started pokemon go.

Always gotta pay attention to sounds and surroundings. Especially elderly and younger trainers.

The good part of being a rural and living in a small lovely town.


I like your positivity.

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I’m extremely careful, I always put my phone away when somebody comes round


Either that or you are left with your pants on your knees cause your belt broke :stuck_out_tongue:


Knowing team rocket they’ll take the pants too.


It was a real problem when the game first came out, but I think niantic has made some changes to help the problem. People just have to be smart, if you’re hunting at night, Stay in the safer areas in your community…preferably around other people. If you’re visiting an area you aren’t familiar with, maybe keep the Pokémon adventures during the daylight hours.

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