Road to level 40: long and full of terrors :D. How are you getting there?

Hey everyone,
I’m almost level 34 now and feel so discourage that the massive amount XP required to level up. I’m now living in a small town so wouldn’t have access to as much pokestops and rare Pokemon spawns as much.
I used to live in London and last year levelling up was kinda easy for me. A 10 hours play a day could get me 60-70,000 XP and it’s average for other trainers as well. Since moving to this little town in Vietnam, I completely understand the experience of rural players. It’s not so difficult for people who live in urban and big cities to get to level 40.
I play around 2-3 hours a day and about 3-4 days a week but when there are events are on I play 6+ hours a day. And levelling up is like a snail climbing up a rock lol.
So please let me know how are you guys getting to level 40? How much time you play on average and how much XP you would usually get a playday? That would be awesome cheers xD

I make everyday a walking of about hour and a half. Apart the app is always on, so buying something, throwing away the trash… all counts as some meters for the eggs. And at home, every day looking the storage, transfer the bad ones, calculate the IV of the newones…
And if I make about 20.000 XP a day, i’m happy.
This is a Marathon, not a Sprint… :grin:


I live above a pokestop during the week so the app is always/most of the time open and I get a few spawns per hour and a few pokespins (if the gps drift didn’t brought me too far from it), so that gives me some xp. I should have bought a goplus but i’m too lazy. Mass evolving pidgeys doesn’t bring me that far anymore so i stopped doing that and just go with the flow of the game.

I agree with @bagguille that’s it’s a marathon and that we have to enjoy it. It’s fun to be lvl 40 (probably), but enjoy the way.


I am a college student and I’m only at level 33 but my progress is pretty solid during semesters. I have the app open when I take the bus to campus, when I’m walking to classes I probably hatch at least 1 5k a day. (I can only have the one incubator, broke beyond belief) also I catch everything no matter if it’s the 17th pidgey of the day or some second or third tier evolutions. Everything counts and it’s a grind but that’s the only way to get all the way to 40.

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Hi, to all trainer around the world.
I m living in Panamá country, exactly in the region of Coclé have 4,946.6 km2. :sweat_smile:
Coclé is a rural bioma in where only exist ten gyms in whole province. I practically only have access to a gym and three poke stops.

The most curious in ingress the map has eight portals and in theory should be poke stops in the town where I am living. I am currently level 34 against all the prognostics and I am surviving just like the members of my instinct team called “Pallet Town” My tactic is to rely on research and all good information to be a sensei in the game.

Capture all pokemon, use lucky egg on day seven, gym battles using egg luck and take advantage of events however bad these are.

best regards


Level 40 is a means to an end

I’m focusing on completing my medals and my pokedex
That being said I have a spreadsheet that gives me target dates

That’s a good amount of XP I usually get around that as well from 2-3 hours play

Yea I agree I’m enjoying the the process so far but I can’t stop thinking about getting my favourite mons maxed out hehe

Catching everything is a great thing to gain XP. But i couldn’t do it as my balls would just run out too quick so I have to be selective at catching them! I live being on a bus and catching them as well. It’s good before the speed cap but traffic bring me the joy actually

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Oh panama seem like a lovely day. One day nua tuc will improve the pokestops balance for sure x

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Haha love your spreadsheet. It doesn’t feel an end to me but just so I can stop worrying about XP and focus on catching/power up my top attackers. 35000 xp a day is great! For me some medals are just too difficult especially the unknown. The ice, steel and fighting medal are also hard to obtain unless there are nests.

Lvl 40 is so far for me. I live in a big city but i only have time to real play every 2 weeks.

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As long as you enjoy it. When you have more free time I’m sure you can play more xx

I’m about 400k away from level 35

Leveling up earlier in the game was fun because you would actually get good stuff (incubator, eggs, lures etc), now you get some balls, some revives and you can level up your strong mons a little

I try to maximize my lucky eggs with evolve sprees. I haven’t purchased any coins, so I just use my gym winnings. I mainly buy incubators, but rarely have more than two eggs cooking at a time. Would love another extra incubator event. The double xp event helped me quickly go from 33 to 34. It has been much slower since then, but I did buy more lucky eggs when they were on sale.

day to day, I try to catch almost everything and battle a few gyms. Slow and steady.

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I love the double XP event as well helped me a lot. But even mass evolution spree doesn’t cut it anymore. Pidgeys are not as common and there needs to be more than 6-7 of evolution sections to get through a level now.
Hope the next event will be double stardust or double Candy!

Almost to 37 well 500000 left to go and all medals are done but need 60 magickarp and around the same ratta o and the unknown can u get that in the USA ?

i play the game when I want. The only stipulation I put on myself is to catch one Pokémon eacday and to get a stop. If I decide to do more it’s a bonus. If not then at least I keep the streak going.

I also enjoy playing the game as a means of enjoying new areas. For example I made a special trip to Santa Monica to visit the pier when I was in LA last year. The sights and Pokémon hunting were awesome. I would have not gone if not for the game. Same with my trip to Vegas, I’ve been there before but I explored the after a long day working a trade show rather than hang at the hotel bar.

As for level 40, I don’t worry about it, I’ll let the road be an adventure!


Using this calculator:

I’ll be level 40 around october 2019! That’s better dan 3-4 months ago when the date was somewhere in 2027!

'Till that time I play exactly like Heracrossvill described.

And I am also 400k away from level 35. On my main that is.

I live in a rural area and my answer is very slowly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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They are not regeonal but super rare I never seen 1.