Ripple in time stage 4

I walked 10k with my eevee evolved it during the day but didnt get espeon !!
Why ??? :rage:
Do i need to rename it ?

The Eevee needs to be your buddy Pokémon when you evolve it.

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Didnt work :slightly_frowning_face: evolved eevee as a buddy but got jolteon !!
Any ideas ???

oh man…

  1. Set Eevee as buddy
  2. Walk 10km with that Eevee as buddy
  3. Evolve that Eevee WHEN IT IS STILL YOUR BUDDY. Espeon during day, Umbreon during night.

Really everything about this has been said when they were released in GEN2, then again with the Eevee Community day and now when Celebi is released people again need the run down. Theres like 50 guides out there on how to get Espeon/Umbreon if you google “How to get Espeon Pokemon GO”.

Thats exactly what i did but got Jolteon
Just dont know why its happened

As far as I know there are some difficulties with this, and I know that although what Robdebobrob says is correct, here some additions:

Set Eevee as buddy
Walk 10km with that Eevee as buddy

Yes, but make sure, that the “has found a candy” notification has already popped up a second time (you are safe, when the journal shows that the 2 candy have been collected)


Right, but you have to do it from your profile. You tap on your character, then tap on the information under the Buddy Pokémon (total distance etc.) which then takes you to the Pokémon screen. Then you may evolve it.

Espeon during day, Umbreon during night.

Exactly, but one might eventually add that it’s day and night mode in the game.

And last but not least: make sure your GPS is stable when you evolve. By that it determines the day/night mode of the game and it might get mixed up.


Thanks i’ll try again :crossed_fingers:

Has anyone else had a glitch on the evolve a grass type portion of the quest. I was don’t waiting on the update for Apple to be released but I finally emailed and tweeted Niantic.

You have to evolve and evolved grass type pokemon. (The ones that cost 100 candies)
Had the last version that was available from the shop and it worked getting my Sceptile. A friend made it by evolving Skiploom.
Just updated manually to version 0.115.3 this morning.

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Stage 2 evo to Stage 3, i did the Gen2 starter

idk why people are struggling with these tasks. Mine were in spanish and i couldnt even read what to do and still did them.

I already did this last year with 10 Eevees. Never had an issue. Looking forward to this easy task but I still need to finish hatching 9 eggs.

Yeah, me too.

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