Rhyhorn February Community Day, too far to throw pokeballs comfortably

Rhyhorn is too far to throw pokeballs comfortably, we must ask Niantic to bring it closer.

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Have no problems with it. If it stand further, just throw further…


Rhyhorn is shy, just give it some time


Personally i have no issues with it at the moment.

It might be a device related issue.
I know the longer throw is more difficult on some phones.
I have no issues with it.

I find it quite challenging to throw a long curve ball to a target in middle of the screen on my Samsung Galaxy phones (especially the S7). If I curve clockwise, the ball always lands to the right of center, and counter-clockwise curves virtually always land to the left of center.

So even when I can get enough distance with a curve ball (usually by starting the throw higher on the screen, as learned from online tips), it still rarely hits Rhyhorn squarely. This seems likely to be a difficult community day for me…

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Maybe it’s actually good. Now Rhyhorn is getting its Community Day, you will probably throw so many PokéBalls on it, that you will eventually finally end up hitting the Rhino with a Ball every time!

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I can’t hit rhyhorn with curveballs either.
Same thing with shuppet and, to a lesser extent, sawk.
I’ve played on 3 different makes of iphone so it must be me… not tried that tip about throwing from higher up the screen so I’ll give it a go.
Otherwise I might have to stick to the straight-ball ‚Äėlob and hope‚Äô technique.

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Yes, it can be annoying to catch Rhyhorn. For me it’s easier to catch it now on my new phone than it was on the old one.

Wish I could share your optimism.

Which Samsung model do you use?

Hopefully Niantic takes note and puts Rhyhorn closer for the Community Day.

I use the 8, but I usually call him iPhone. :wink:

Easiest Samsung for throwing the distant curve ball…

I fail to throw a Ball on Rhyhorn sometimes, too.

It’s a comparison between apples and oranges, man. Or Apples and Samsungs, in this case…

Thanks to everyone who wrote to Niantic to change it. :sunglasses:


Did everybody notice that the shorter distance remains in effect after the event is over? Nice.

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Wait, Niantic actually LISTENED to us?

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