Review the overall headway of Pokemon GO (2017)

Niantic mentioned that 4 major features/updates would be introduced in 2017. I believe that we’ve just got all these features available.

  1. Gen 2
  2. Gym rework + raids
  3. Legendaries/ regional + worldwide events (safari zone, GO Fest, capturing Pokemon challenge…)
  4. Gen 3 + weather conditions

Originally, most of the players think that PvP & Trading would be introduced this year. However, after all we have Gym rework, raids and weather conditions instead of them. :thinking: Indeed, I don’t think it is a discouraging fact. Raids helps to build a community for Pokemon GO and weather system is an appropriate approach to take advantage of real-world stuffs. Instead of generating dispute, raids and weather system are the alternative additions to Pokemon GO. Even though 2017 is a hard time to Pokemon GO, I always believe that ‘tomorrow is a sunny day’. I’m sure that Pokemon GO are getting better and better. Time will prove their efforts.


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