Retrieve information from logged in device

Hello everyone,

I bought a new phone and would of course like to play Pokemon go on my new device. Unfortunately I can not remember all my log in details for the Pokemon go account though. I am still logged in on my old device, is there any way to retrieve information from there? I am pretty sure of the password, but not the player ID or email.


“Forgot username/password”
Then use all the possible e-mail adresses

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I hope you’ll get your account and thank your dear friend

If I’m right you could see the most recent gmail you used (works with everthing). So, if you used your gmail for playing Pokémon GO, you should log out. (This doesn’t mean I’m sure about that tho.)

@MEME it was a reply to @Poketib :man_facepalming:t2:I don’t have this problem.

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I like the pokemon and I hope to re-enter your account. I hate phone calls to be new

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well thank you very much

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Well then you’re a good person and thank you very much

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